The Source: State Watchdog Investigates Child-Death Case

Mar 11, 2014

Sarah Brasse died of a ruptured appendix. She had been sick for more than a day, was covered in her own vomit, and was sleeping in a bed she had soiled. According to the award-winning, investigative piece "A Child Unprotected" that Melissa Fletcher-Stoeltje wrote last June, three different people had reached out to Child Protective Services, concerned about her well-being, in the 48-hour period before the child's death. 

Now, after 5 years of complaints and several news stories, the state's Office of Inspector General will investigate CPS for possibly violating state policies. There have been allegations by former CPS workers that their records and Sarah Brasse's file was changed after her death.

We talk with Stoeltje about what allegations have been made and on whether this investigation should be taken seriously.


  • Melissa Fletcher-Stoeltje, Social Services Reporter for The San Antonio Express-News