The Source: Windows XP And Heartbleed Virus Still Kicking

Apr 14, 2014

Last week saw the demise of support for arguably the most popular operating system that Microsoft will ever have. A full 27 percent of users today still use Windows XP, but the company that built the program 13 years ago is telling users to upgrade or risk the wild world of the web unprotected. 

That paired with the discovery of the Heartbleed bug found in popular OpenSSL code users like Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, and hundreds more made last week a bad one for internet technology.

Both were deemed things of the past last week, but both are proving to have some staying power this week. The British government and the IRS are both saying they are willing to pay out millions to keep XP support coming. And the patch intended to plug Heartbleed isn't as secure a fix as first thought.


  • Julie Bort, editor of enterprise computing at Business Insider @julie188
  • Rayford Sims, assistant director of infrastructure assurance at the University of Texas at San Antonio

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