Spring On-Air Membership Campaign Raises Over $500,000

Apr 15, 2014

From April 4th to the 11th, Texas Public Radio took to the airwaves to encourage listeners to pledge their support. The spring fundraising goal was our most ambitious ever.

It took countless pledges by individuals and businesses and hard work by every TPR staff member, plus 125 volunteers fueled by a smorgasbord of food provided by 15 local eateries to do it, but we raised $537,304 -- $63 more than our goal.

Listeners to TPR’s more recently acquired stations in the Highland Lakes region and the Texas Big Country also experienced the on-air membership campaign for the first time this season, allowing listeners to those stations to participate with their support.

The newly-launched Sustaining Member program proved very popular, allowing members to determine a monthly contribution that will automatically renew. This membership lowers administrative and postage costs by reducing the need to renewal mailings and increases convenience for supporters.

To help us reach our goals, generous donors offered challenge funds totaling almost $70,000. We were able to claim most of that, thanks to timely calls and online pledges. We also held our first Pet Member “cage match" – pitting dogs against cats for an additional thank-you gift.

Although the on-air campaign has ended, it's not too late to make your pledge. Every dollar counts, and your pledge of support helps Texas Public Radio continue to provide high-quality programming and community initiatives. 

While we may have gotten a little silly at times, we take listener support very seriously. Public radio only works with the help of the community. TPR is grateful for the outpouring of support from listeners, supporters, volunteers, local businesses and restaurants. We couldn't do it without you!