Strategist Says Van De Putte Fundraising Is On A "Good Pace"

Jan 16, 2014

 Leticia Van De Putte’s campaign for lieutenant governor has announced they were able to raise $290,000 in the two months following her announcement.

While that number is much lower than the Republican candidates in the race, Democratic strategist Jason Stanford said it is still a good amount to raise within a two month period.

"Usually the money you raise in your first month is your easy money, from here on out it's going to get harder, but it’s a good pace to set," Stanford said.

Stanford said name identification is extremely expensive in Texas, and for the lieutenant governor’s race Van De Putte will need to raise about $2 million between now and Labor Day, which is when most of the voting public starts to pay attention. 

He said Wendy Davis, the likely Democratic candidate for governor, doesn’t have that problem because of this summer’s filibuster. So while not as many people are watching the campaign as closely, Stanford said Van De Putte is doing what she is supposed to do.

"She’s putting together a campaign team, she’s raising money, she’s organizing key Democrats, but there is also not an opponent," Stanfod said. "I mean, it’s going to be late May before she knows what the choice is."

Stanford said for now it’s about building campaign infrastructure. This week Van De Putte will appear with Wendy Davis at a Harris County Democrats event.