Strokes Are Unexpected And Can Happen To Anyone

Feb 19, 2018

When blood flow to the brain is compromised, a stroke or "brain attack" can occur, causing a medical emergency. Depending on the severity of the attack, patients can experience muscle weakness, difficulties with speech, or partial paralysis. 

Hemorrhagic strokes are often the most damaging, caused by either a brain aneurysm burst or a weakened blood vessel leak. Although hemorrhagic strokes are rare, they are responsible for 40 percent of stroke-related deaths. 

Blood clot blockages are typically the reason behind ischemic strokes, a more common condition. High blood pressure and cholesterol levels can contribute to the possibility of stroke with age. 

Who is at risk for a stroke and how can someone recognize the signs of an attack?

What can be done to prevent a stroke and what does rehabilitation looks like if it happens? What resources are available in San Antonio?


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