Symphony Does Mahler & Copland, Says Goodbye To Children's Chorus Founder McCormick

May 19, 2014

The San Antonio Symphony’s winter/spring season is winding down and June 6 & 7 marks two important performances.

“We’re presenting Mahler [Fifth Symphony] to finish the season, and Marguerite McCormick is leaving the Children’s Chorus,” said symphony Music Director Sebastian Lang-Lessing. Longtime Artistic Director McCormick’s last performances with the chorus will be at these two nights.

"And therefore we pair Mahler Five with Copland’s children’s songs that he orchestrated, which I think is a lovely pairing," said Lang-Lessing. "Copland was a big Mahler fan, so I think this pairing is wonderful."

As Lang-Lessing notes, the movie "Death in Venice" featured Mahler’s Symphony No. 5.

"It became extremely popular. I think it even made it into the pop charts after that movie.  It’s one of the most important symphonies that Mahler wrote," he said. "As everything that Mahler writes it’s extremely personal."

The performance will feature trumpet soloists for a while, then later, harp.

"We have very different orchestral colors that are highlighted, and while it finishes with a glorious and fast finale, I think it’s one of his most perfect works ever written," said Lang-Lessing.

It’s down to the last few concerts for the San Antonio Symphony at the Majestic Theater.