Technology Industry Thriving In The Lone Star State

May 15, 2013

Texas is making headlines in the tech industry as a report released today by the TechAmerica Foundation indicated that Texas is now second only to California in the number of high-tech jobs.

The latest edition of Cyberstates, a comprehensive state-by-state look at  tech employment, wages, and other key economic factors state-by-state, said Texas continues to be a leading cyber state by most tech industry metrics, including employment, payroll, and establishments.

The report shows Texas added 10,000 net jobs in the last year, for a total of 485,600 jobs.  The employment growth was led by such industry sectors as computer systems design and engineering services.

Tech workers earned an average wage of $92,200, which is 85 percent more than Texas’s average private sector wage and is still ranked twelfth in the nation.

However, the state has a tech payroll of $44.8 billion, which ranked second nationwide.

The report also showed Texas is second in Internet and telecommunication services employment and in engineering services employment.