Ted Nugent Lets Committee Have It On Bill To Regulate Deer Hunting

Apr 4, 2013

The Motor City Mad Man turned McLennan County, Texas-resident testified against a bill that would prohibit the hunting of breeder deer for up to 60-days after they have been released into the wild.

"There is a pulse of numb-nuts in the country that would ban this commission, ban hunting, ban low-fence, ban high-fence, ban feeders, ban crossbows, ban muzzle loaders - they would ban it all under the scam of what they perceive to be fair-chase," Nugent said.

Fair-chase refers to the practice of allowing deer the time to re-acclimate themselves to their environment after they had been sedated and transferred from the farm where they were raised.  

Nugent said deer hunting should not be a legislated sport, especially matters pertaining to breeder deer.

"It’s an individual ethical choice that exceeds anyone else's determination of what you are doing is proper or what you are doing is unethical based on some barometer that they arbitrarily chose," Nugent said.

After hearing testimony that lasted almost until midnight, the bill, which was authored by Rep. John Davis, R-Houston, was left pending in the House Committee on Culture, Recreation and Tourism.