Texas Dems Continue To Wait As Wendy Davis Gets Set To Make A Decision

Sep 16, 2013

State Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, is expected to make an announcement soon about her political future, and should she run for governor, it could be a heated 2014 election campaign.

Advisors to the Davis campaign are indicating that an announcement could come this week. 

The Lone Star Project’s Matt Angle, a political strategist close to the Davis campaign, said this will be one of the nastiest races Texas has ever seen:

"The Abbott campaign has early on signaled that they intend to run a very nasty negative campaign that filled with personal attacks," Angle said. "His top campaign aide is a man named Dave Carney, who has launched personal attacks online against Sen. Davis, calling her names."

Angle is calling for Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott to fire Carney for his latest published attacks via Twitter:

"He is being aimed by Greg Abbott," Angle said. "And Attorney General Abbott has a responsibility to voters to either acknowledge that that is his campaign strategy or he needs to fire Dave Carney."

Many like Angle don’t see Davis making an official announcement that she is running for governor this week, but said he thinks it will be an announcement that she has made a decision about her political future.