"Tin Man" Is Coming Down In Alamo Heights

Jan 28, 2013

A symbol of pride in the Alamo Heights community for nearly 90 years, the old water tower that became known as “Tin Man” is being taken down.

"Here recently in 2010 the city constructed another water reservoir, another tank,” said Alamo Heights Public Works Director Patrick Sullivan.

The loss of such a historic figure in the community may be felt across the heart of the town, where people looked to the horizon to see “AH Mules” written across it in the traditional Alamo Heights font.

It could be a sentimental loss for many.

“There [were] people that had grown accustomed to it being on the horizon for almost 90 years,” Sullivan said. “[It’s] at an elevation that's not compatible with the other two remaining towers.”

As to the question why it must be taken down, Sullivan said plans for a city bond project that will build a new facility there couldn’t accommodate the old structure.

"It couldn't remain where it was because we're land-locked,” he said.

Sullivan says there are no plans to paint the others with any symbols.