Two More Candidates Added To Republican Primary In Race For Governor

Oct 9, 2013

In the last two weeks, Houston attorney Kathie Glass and conservative radio host and Fox News contributor Lisa Fritsch announced they would join in the GOP race for governor in 2014.

Glass also ran in the 2010 governor’s race and took just over 1 percent of the vote in that primary. Fritsch said she is running as the citizens candidate and that she would not be intimidated by the amount of money in Abbott campaign fund.

Professor James Henson from the University of Texas at Austin heads up the Texas Politics Project and said these type of "dark horses" should have very little effect on Abbott’s ability to win the Republican primary.

"The reality of modern campaigns is that it’s very unlikely that marginal poorly funded candidates can affect the trajectory of a much more well-known and much, much more well-funded candidate," Henson said.

Henson said Abbott will be best-suited by ignoring his opponents and instead spending his time strategizing and planning for the general election.