University Health System Serving Downtown With New Facility

Jan 14, 2013

Today the University Health System officially begins services at its new Robert B. Green Campus in downtown San Antonio.

The grand opening of the Clinical Pavilion on the Robert B Green Campus over the weekend means that starting today, patients can get primary care, pediatric care, women’s care, outpatient surgery, imaging and other services in a brand new, high-tech facility.

Officials said the new facility brings one-stop healthcare to within minutes of new downtown residents as well as long-time residents on the near west, east, and north sides.

University Health System Executive Vice President at the Robert B. Green Dr. Gary McWilliams said the new building is a 269,000 square-foot facility that will house all of the services formerly offered in the two older clinics, the first of which was built in 1965.

"If you’ve driven past the intersection of I-10 and I-35 downtown, you’ve seen us," McWilliams said. "In those clinics, that’s where the medicine clinic was, the pediatric clinic, all those areas. In 1976, we constructed what many in the community called 'The Lady Brady clinic.'"

All those services will be offered in the new building.

McWilliams said the old buildings will be renovated, but he hopes the new complex makes people comfortable to come whether they live near downtown or live and work downtown.

"This is really top-notch," he said. "We’ve got all the latest and greatest. An awful lot of people with a lot of smarts sat down to put all this together. It’s a great building but I think you’re going to be even more impressed with the people who are inside the building."

The clinic has performed 190,000 visits over the past year and expects a 5 percent to 10 percent increase with the new facility over the next year.