Van Cliburn Gold Medal Winner Vadym Kholodenko Coming To San Antonio

Apr 14, 2014

Last year’s gold medal winner of the Van Cliburn Piano Competition was Vadym Kholodenko, and he's coming to San Antonio for a performance.

"I am very proud to be one of the Cliburn winners and this competition is very important, actually," Kholodenko said. "It stands as one of the four or five biggest competitions in the world."

Arts San Antonio is bringing Kholodenko to the Lila Cockrell Theater this Thursday, April 17. He’s playing solo, but he’ll also be doing some duets.

“I am very excited about this because I love to play chamber music, love to play duets," he said.

And those duets will round out the program.

"Since 1992 Arts San Antonio has presented all of the gold medalists," said Arts San Antonio President John Toohey.

Kholodenko is headlining, but as Toohey explained, the program also features two of the other medal winners: Fei-Fei Dong and Nikita Mndoyants.

Toohey said there will be outstanding solo performances from each, but at times all three will be playing together.

“With two 9 ft. Steinway Grand Pianos onstage and three winners from the most recent Cliburn Competition, the plan is to make full use of the resources available,” Toohey said.

Three brilliant pianists and two grand pianos should make this one of the standout piano performances of the year in the city.  

"Our intent was to hear a great piano literature, but to also have some fun" said Toohey.