Vincent Valdez at the McNay Art Museum

Oct 4, 2012

Artist Vincent Valdez discusses the motivations, processes, and stories behind works of art in his solo exhibition.

Born in San Antonio in 1977, Vincent Valdez showed promise as an artist at an early age. His family, including a great grandfather who was also an artist, encouraged him from the beginning, providing art supplies and lots of paper for the young Valdez. Studying with his friend muralist Alex Rubio, Valdez became an accomplished muralist by the time he entered high school and painted several walls at his alma mater, Burbank High School onSan Antonio’s Southside. Valdez received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2000 and soon after returned to San Antonio, setting up a studio and giving back to the community as a teacher. In 2004, Valdez became the youngest artist ever to have a solo exhibition at the McNay when the museum organized a show of his suite of charcoal drawings Stations, which focused on the struggles of a boxer on fight night.