This Week in the Civil War - 417

Oct 12, 2012

The Confederate War Department on Friday, October 10, 1862 ordered Major General John B. Magruder to command the Confederate District of Texas.  Magruder’s reassignment to the western theatre of war was the result of his lackluster performance during the Seven Days Battle for Richmond.

Earlier in McClellan’s drive against Richmond, Magruder had performed admirably at Yorktown, delaying Union forces for a month through a series of brilliant ruses and buying Lee time to strengthen Richmond’s defenses.  At Malvern Hill, Magruder led an uncoordinated assault that suffered considerable losses while making no headway.  After the battle, Lee replaced those he thought were ineffective commanders, including Magruder who would soon rehabilitate opinions by retaking Galveston for the Confederacy in early January 1863.