This Week in the Civil War - 420

Oct 17, 2012

After Don Carlos Buell’s Union forces defeated the Confederates of Braxton Bragg at Perryville, Kentucky on October 8, 1862, Confederate forces abandoned Lexington, Kentucky.  On October 16 Union forces occupied the city, with Union Major Charles B. Seidel and his command occupying Ashland.  However, two days later on Saturday, October 18, 1862, in a daring daylight exploit General John Hunt Morgan and his Confederate raiders defeated Federal cavalry near Lexington, Kentucky, capturing Union Major Charles B. Seidel and his command. 

After outfitting their command with new horses, colt revolvers and other captured Union goods, Morgan's men burned the government stables and railroad depot before leaving Lexington.  In June of 1864 for a final time Morgan would occupy and loot Lexington.