This Week in the Civil War - 439

Nov 13, 2012

On November 14, 1862, anxious to satisfy Lincoln, Army of the Potomac commander General Ambrose Burnside submitted a plan for driving on Richmond.

Burnside proposed reorganizing his command into three grand divisions: the Right Grand Division under General Edwin Sumner, the Center Grand Division under General Joseph Hooker, and the Left Grand Division under General William Franklin.

Burnside believed that restructuring the Army this way under the command of subordinate officers loyal to him would allow the Union army to finish the job against Richmond, completing the task which eluded “Little Mac” just a few months earlier.

Abraham Lincoln wholeheartedly approved Burnside’s plan, and the following day, November 15, the Army of the Potomac began moving toward the Rappahannock River and Fredericksburg, Virginia.