This Week in the Civil War - 538

Apr 1, 2013

On April 1, 1863, both the Union and Confederacy announced important changes in the command structure of their respective armies. 

General Francis Herron superseded John Scofield in command of the Federal Army of the Frontier, and in the South General James Longstreet’s command was also reorganized into the Department of North Carolina under General D.H. Hill, the Department of Richmond under General Arnold Elzey, and the Department of Southern Virginia under General S.G. French. 

Herron had earned the Medal of Honor at the battle of Pea Ridge; Elzey had earned a field promotion to major general at the first battle of Manassas; Hill had served with distinction in the Seven Days Battle outside of Richmond; and French had struggled to block Grant’s move against Vicksburg.  Surprisingly, each would survive the war.