This Week in the Civil War - 581

May 30, 2013

The demise of Stonewall Jackson after Chancellorsville forced Robert E. Lee to reorganize his Army of Northern Virginia.  On Saturday, May 30, 1863 Lee authorized three new corps commanders—Generals R.S. Ewell, A.P. Hill, and James Longstreet. 

These would be the field officers in command during Lee’s second invasion of the American North, culminating in the great battle of Gettysburg.  While Jefferson Davis supported Lee’s choices for the Army of Northern Virginia, Davis expressed doubts to Lee about Joseph Johnston, overall Confederate commander in Mississippi, noting to Lee that “Genl. Johnston did not, as you thought advisable, attack Grant promptly, and I fear the result is that which you anticipated if time was given.” 

Lee had earlier predicted Vicksburg’s fall, if Grant’s forces were not promptly attacked.