This Week in the Civil War - 590

Jun 12, 2013

With the North bracing in anticipation of Lee’s invasion, on Thursday, June 11, 1863 in Ohio Clement Vallandigham was nominated in absentia for governor by a 411-11 vote by a convention of Peace Democrats who also demanded that Lincoln allow Vallandigham to return to the United States from Canada.

After being expelled from the North, Vallandigham had arrived in the South only to be declared an enemy alien by Jefferson Davis and subsequently expelled from the Confederacy.  Vallandigham had been sent to Bermuda via a blockade runner and then had journeyed to Canada. 

With Lee hoping to invade the North and convince its electorate to abandon the war effort, Vallandigham’s nomination was yet another serious distraction which Lincoln and the North did not need in June of 1863.