This Week in the Civil War - 621

Jul 25, 2013

On Sunday, July 26, 1863 two prominent American statesmen died.  In Huntsville, Texas Sam Houston died of complications from pneumonia.  Opposing secession in 1861 as governor of Texas, he had been replaced by a Confederate state governor. 

Houston opted for quiet retirement; his prior service as a two term president of the Republic of Texas, two term state governor, and the Confederate service of his son, Sam, Junior, earned him that privilege.  At Frankfort, Kentucky, John Crittenden, author of the compromise which attempted to hold the pre-war United States together, died of respiratory issues. 

Crittenden, a Unionist, opposed many Federal decisions, including emancipation for blacks, while seeing one son enter Union service and another son serve the Confederacy.  Both rose to the rank of general during the Civil War.