This Week in the Civil War - 622

Jul 26, 2013

On Sunday, July 26, 1863 Confederate General John Hunt Morgan and 364 exhausted and saddle weary, Confederate cavalrymen surrendered to Federal authorities at Salineville, Ohio near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border after a 1000 mile raid into the North. 

Morgan’s raid had been spectacular but futile and was considered a waste of Southern manpower, given that his superior, General Braxton Bragg, opposed the raid.  Morgan and his main officers were imprisoned in the Ohio State Penitentiary approximately four months until he and three others escaped. 

Returned to active duty, on September 4, 1864, Morgan would be surprised and killed by Union cavalrymen while attempting to escape during a Union raid on Greeneville, Tennessee. Some believe that Morgan was killed to prevent him from escaping from a Union prison for yet a second time.