This Week in the Civil War - 627

Aug 2, 2013

Continued skirmishing along the Rappahannock in Virginia and a growing buildup of Union forces near Charlestown Harbor marked the beginning of August 1863.  Federal cavalry in Virginia constantly probed at Lee’s secure position south of the Rappahannock at Culpeper Court House, but for all practical purposes both Meade’s forces and Lee’s army were content to recuperate and continue to replace their losses from the Gettysburg campaign. 

Near Charlestown Harbor Union forces began a buildup for an attack on Fort Wagner and, ultimately, on Fort Sumter.  Union forces on one end of Morris Island prepared the infamous Swamp Angel, a massive 16,500 pound,  rifled Parrott cannon with an eight-inch bore capable of throwing  a 1000 pound shell over 7900 yards,  for future operations against Sumter and the city of Charlestown, South Carolina.