This Week in the Civil War - 660

Sep 18, 2013

On Friday, September 18, 1863 Braxton Bragg, reinforced by a portion of Longstreet’s corps which arrived from Virginia that morning,  moved all but three divisions of his Army of Tennessee across West Chickamauga Creek in preparation of engaging Rosecrans’ Union forces. 

Spontaneous, widespread skirmishing began between Bragg’s forces and Rosecrans’ Union troops, as rival forces moved along parallel lines into the area west of Chickamauga Creek.  To protect and hold Chattanooga, Rosecrans ordered General George Thomas’ corps to the northeast to prevent Bragg from outflanking the Federals protecting that city. 

Maneuvering blind through an area of heavy underbrush and woods, both armies would soon engage in an all-out conflict which would result in heavy casualties on both armies but in an unexpected victory for the beleaguered Braxton Bragg.