This Week in the Civil War - 677

Oct 11, 2013

While Jefferson Davis visited with Bragg in north Georgia, Abraham Lincoln remained in Washington, D.C., maintaining a continuing dialogue with numerous politicians and his field generals.  With Lee’s army threatening Washington, D.C., the president sent many messages to George Meade, commander of the Army of the Potomac. 

Lincoln also continued to be concerned about William Rosecrans’ situation at Chattanooga.  Lincoln’s correspondence clearly reveals his need for information.  On Wednesday, October 7 to Tennessee Governor Andrew Johnson, the president wired, “What news have you from Rosecrans’ Army….?” 

In messages to Rosecrans Lincoln remained supportive, noting in an October 12 wire that he believed that Rosecrans and Ambrose Burnside in eastern Tennessee now had the enemy “by the throat.”  But clearly Lincoln remained concerned about both Rosecrans and Lee’s movements against Meade’s army.