This Week in the Civil War - 680

Oct 16, 2013

On Thursday, October 15, 1863 in the harbor of Charlestown, South Carolina the H.L. Hunley, destined to change the nature of naval warfare, sank for a second time during a practice dive.  Just two months earlier in August, the ship had sunk during a training exercise, killing five members of her crew. 

After raising the ship, Confederate authorities had requested that the ship’s inventor H.L. Hunley assist in the training of the crew.  Unfortunately H.L. Hunley was one of eight men killed during her second sinking. 

Raised again and returned to service, in February 1864, the Hunley would attack and sink the sloop USS Housatonic, part of the Union blockading fleet outside of Charlestown Harbor.  The hard luck Hunley with her full crew would be lost immediately after sinking the Housatonic.