This Week in the Civil War - 683

Oct 21, 2013

As Lee retreated from the Manassas area, Jeb Stuart and his cavalry ambushed and routed Union General Judson Kilpatrick and the Federal cavalry at Buckland Mills, Virginia on Monday, October 19, 1863. 

The Federal cavalry was driven back some five miles, in what Confederates derisively called "The Buckland Races."  The following day, when Stuart’s cavalry retired across the Rappahannock River, Lee’s short campaign against Washington, D.C. officially ended. 

In less than ten days of constant maneuvering Lee’s Confederates suffered a total of 1381 casualties, including 205 killed.  Meade’s Federals took 2292 total casualties, including 136 killed.  For all the panic which ensued in Washington, D.C. due to Lee’s advance, there was little change of occupied territory and a very little loss of manpower on either side during this campaign.