This Week in the Civil War - 694

Nov 5, 2013

On Monday, November 2, 1863 President Jefferson Davis arrived in Charlestown, South Carolina, welcomed by General Pierre Beauregard and Charlestown Mercury editor Robert Barnwell Brett, two of his greatest detractors. 

At City Hall, Davis noted that “It is by united effort,…by harmonious co-operation, by casting away all personal considerations…that our success is to be achieved.”  Davis predicted that Charlestown would never be taken by Union forces.  However, he never once mentioned Brett or Beauregard by name nor did he congratulate his general for successfully defending Charlestown. 

That evening Beauregard in turn did not attend a dinner in Davis’ honor given at the home of former governor William Aiken.  All the while from the harbor came the sound of 793 total Federal shells continuing to batter Fort Sumter’s defenses.