This Week in the Civil War - 733

Dec 30, 2013

On Tuesday, December 29, 1863 there occurred a skirmish on Matagorda Peninsula, Texas which was typical of many minor, Civil War engagements. A force of approximately 100 Union infantry landed, hoping to capture Confederate sentries who guarded the peninsula and to confiscate cattle to supply Union forces in South Texas. 

Nearby Confederate cavalry responded, attacking the Union force which the Confederates later declared to be “about 300 strong.”  Approximately 800 Confederates attacked, although Union reports alleged enemy cavalry at “1200 to 1500 strong.” 

Union forces constructed a barricade of driftwood and brush and held the Confederates at bay throughout the day, assisted by the guns of three Union warships.  After the engagement, while both sides claimed fierce fighting which successfully repelled the enemy, each side also claimed virtually no casualties.