What Is 'Net Neutrality' And How Would An FCC Repeal Change The Internet?

Nov 28, 2017

Regulations on internet service providers may be repealed when the Federal Communications Commission votes on December 14.

This move towards deregulation puts the principle of “net neutrality” at risk. The term refers to the idea that internet service providers should treat all web traffic in their networks the same way.

Charging more for faster access or slowing down – also known as "throttling" – certain products based on source, content or use goes against the principle of net neutrality. 

Reconsidering current rules would open up the possibility for major telecommunications companies in the United States to implement restrictions and set prices at their own discretion. 

What effects would deregulation have on everyday Internet use? How is San Antonio's technology sector reacting to potential policy changes? What would a repeal of net neutrality mean for citizens nationwide? 


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