What Parents Should Know About Education Cuts

Jan 31, 2013

Lawmakers cut $5.4 billion to public education during the last legislative session, which meant districts had to act fast.

"We have looked at turning lights off, adjusting air conditioning systems, redoing transportation bus routes," said North East ISD Superintendent Dr. Brian Gottardy, who said that 85 percent of his budget is education.

Gottardy didn't have to cut positions and instead reduced his staff through attrition, which still meant larger class sizes.

"Class sizes affect the amount of instruction," he said, "the amount of remediation that goes into helping students who are maybe off track."

In addition to class sizes increasing, pre-K is another area of concern for the non-profit organization Children at Risk, who published a guide for parents about the legislative cuts.

Bob Sanborn, the president and CEO of Children at Risk, said nine percent of districts across the state had to cut their pre-k programs after the budget reduction.

The guide suggests getting involved in your child's school, calling your lawmaker and staying informed on what the legislature is doing.