YOSA Wins National Award For Programming

Jun 18, 2013

The Youth Orchestras of San Antonio are receiving the ASCAP Award for Adventurous Programming today in St. Louis at the League of American Orchestras Conference.

The award rewards programs that challenge the audience, build the repertoire, and increase interest in contemporary music.

Troy Peters is the music director of YOSA and said new music is a vital element in their effort to give students and audiences exciting musical experiences. Next month YOSA leads their annual summer camp.

"It's a nice kind of a launching pad, so that when you finish camp, you got another four, or so, five weeks before school gets back in session, and it bridges kids staying on top of their playing, so when they get back to school in the fall, they feel that they haven't lost ground."

  • Learn more about YOSA, their award, and camp online at: YOSA.org