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"Fronteras" is a Texas Public Radio program exploring the changing culture and demographics of the American Southwest. From Texas to New Mexico and California, "Fronteras" provides insight into life along the U.S.- Mexico border. Our stories examine unique regional issues affecting lifestyle, politics, economics and the environment.

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This week on Fronteras: 


  •  The latest ruling on SB4 is raising concerns over the safety of immigrants who get detained by Texas law officers.
  • In Mexico, both politicians and thieves are being blamed for a billion dollars in oil thefts that’s hampering U.S. investments.
  •  An exploration of the mix that is Tejano music with Texas legend Sunny Ozuna.


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This week on Fronteras: 

  •  Border patrol agents arrest two undocumented parents in a South Texas hospital where their son needed emergency surgery.
  •  The element of fear is preventing undocumented families from getting the healthcare they need.
  •  A national refugee resettlement agency makes changes after an investigation shows families in San Diego were encouraged to falsify their rental applications.
  •  A vacant, historic theater in San Antonio that means a lot to Latinos may get a rebirth.



This week on Fronteras: 

  •  Dispatches from the U.S. Borderlands.  Inside reports from the area haunted by drugs, violence and immigrants.
  •  The status of Texas Attorney General’s appeal on the injunction against SB4, the new sanctuary cities law that’s on hold.
  •   A movement is underway to stop laws like SB4 from getting passed in other states.
  • How a Dallas stage play forecast President Trump’s decision to end DACA.

This week on Fronteras:  Focus On DACA

  •  President Trump ends DACA – the Obama era policy that protected immigrant children.  A recipient describes life before and after DACA.
  •   The Texas Attorney General believes the president made the right decision.
  •  DREAMers helped by DACA fear deportation may be in their future.
  •  A UT-El Paso student works to make the border campus a place that changes perspectives about immigrant students.
  •  University of New Mexico students rally against the DACA decision.  
  •  A Harvey survivor feels the DACA decision adds another storm on top of the one her family’s struggling to overcome.  
  •  Harvey storm damage demonstrates need for undocumented construction workers.
  • Some DACA recipients did not know they had protected status until they were teenagers.


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This week on Fronteras: 

  •  A judge puts SB4 – Texas’ so called “sanctuary cites” law on hold.
  • A pregnant immigrant mother fights to be released from a detention center in San Diego.
  •  A San Antonio school named after a Confederate general will change its name.
  •  The story of how one family rode out Hurricane Harvey.
  •  Homeowners hurry to file insurance claims due to a new state law that critics say favors insurance companies.
  •  A Fort Worth hospital evacuates newborns from Corpus Christi, keeping them safe from Hurricane Harvey.