Performance Saturday

Saturdays, 7 p.m.

Each Saturday night, Texas Public Radio takes you to the stages of San Antonio and South Texas to hear the best in live classical music performance. Performance Saturday features both new and archive recordings from ensembles like the Heart of Texas Concert Band, the Mid-Texas Symphony, USAF Band of the West, and many others, as well as touring performers making their way through South Texas by way of the San Antonio Chamber Music Society, Tuesday Musical Club, and other performing arts organizations. When available, interviews with the artists provide additional context and insight into the performances and the music.

Following the 'concert' broadcast, host Nathan Cone shares music selections from the KPAC library, focusing on new releases.

Kristen Hoebermann / IMG Artists

Tenor David Portillo has gone from the west side of San Antonio to the Metropolitan Opera, and returned home in late February for a recital at the Tuesday Musical Club, as well as workshops with area students. Nearly 200 people attended the 2 p.m. concert on Feb. 23 at Laurel Heights United Methodist Church, which included a healthy helping of Spanish-language favorites, as well as an aria from one of Portillo’s dream roles, Nemorino in The Elixir of Love.

Nathan Cone / TPR

The public radio program Pipedreams once called her Wonder Woman Wilma, and at 86, she lives up to that moniker. “I’m pretty busy, even at this age!” she says with a smile. Retired from St. George’s Episcopal Church in Nashville, Wilma Jensen still travels the country for performance and instruction, and is in San Antonio this week, working with St. Mark’s Episcopal Church’s choir.

Nathan Cone / TPR

Nathan Cone / TPR

“Piano is definitely the most humbling thing in my life. You’re not always going to be winning,” says Gabriela Escalante, a junior at St. Mary’s Hall in San Antonio. They’re wise words, but Escalante nevertheless impressed the panel at TPR’s annual Sounds Like KPAC competition last month, and won the Solo Musician category with her performance of Beethoven and Albéniz.

On Saturday, January 23, area middle and high school students took to the stage of the McAllister Auditorium to share sounds, pictures, and words inspired by listening to KPAC 88.3 FM. TPR's annual talent competition featured four categories: Solo Musician, Musical Ensemble, Visual Art, and Written Word.