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With Jane Clayson

Science is under attack from quack experts and self-appointed activists, warns a top doctor who has been caught in the crossfires. He makes the case.

What We're Watching In The Week Ahead

38 minutes ago

With Jane Clayson

Top reporters open their notebooks and share what they’re working on and watching for in the week ahead.


Paula Reid, Justice Department and legal affairs correspondent for CBS News. (@PaulaReidCBS

Kicking Off The World Cup

Jun 15, 2018

With Anthony Brooks

The World Cup kicks off in Russia. The U.S. team didn’t make the cut but there are plenty of teams to watch and politics to unpack.


Tariq Panja, global sports reporter for The New York Times, who covers FIFA extensively, and is in now Moscow covering the World Cup. (@tariqpanja)

With Anthony Brooks

Comey and the Clinton email report. Implied verification and North Korea. The Supreme Court and voter registration. The news roundtable weighs in.


Margaret Talev, senior White House correspondent for Bloomberg News. (@margarettalev

With David Folkenflik

Three decades of “The Simpsons.” We turn our eye on Springfield with a top writer who has been in the mix since day one.