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The state climatologist, John Nielsen-Gammon, says we are close to the end of this historic drought. While rain and fog currently drench the area, how can urban farmers and small gardens take advantage of the sudden water abundance?  We talk with David Rodriguez from the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension to find out what challenges a wet spring might bring


  • David Rodriguez, Extension Horticulturalist for Bexar County's Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service

Culinaria begins tomorrow, and the festival with the aim of promoting San Antonio's food and wine scene has much to celebrate. World class chefs, new restaurants and a faithful foodie class are all growing in the barbeque and taco centric town. Where are we going, and what can we expect?


  • Edmund Tijerina, Food and Dining writer at the San Antonio Express-News
  • John Russ, Executive Chef at Luke Restaurant
  • Angela Covo, Editor of Edible San Antonio

According to a new Frontline Special "The Trouble With Chicken," the U.S. poultry industry is pumping out birds with more and stronger strains of bacteria like Salmonella.

Chicken is the most popular protein in the United States and the drive to sustain a hungry market while keeping costs low means small animal enclosures and the use of antibiotics. More antibiotics are sold for animal use than human use in this country. 

After the last vote was tallied and certified, San Antonio's municipal elections passed with small changes, and potentially smaller changes to come. 

With 11.89 percent of registered voters turning out, nine of the 10 City Council members won resounding victories over their challengers, leaving one council race and the top job of Mayor of San Antonio still undecided. Both undecided races include their seat's incumbent with Ivy Taylor facing off with Leticia Van de Putte for Mayor, and District 7's Cris Medina in a race with Mari Aguirre-Rodriguez. 

The Source: SicloVerde Highlights Community Gardens

May 7, 2015
Green Spaces Alliance


Saturday's SicloVerde event will bring San Antonio out to meet its own backyard. With walking and biking tours, participants will get the opportunity to explore the outdoors, their city, and the potential of community gardening.