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Texas is a big state with a growing, diverse population and as the population grows, the issues and challenges facing its residents multiply.  Texas Matters is a statewide news program that spends half an hour each week looking at the issues and culture of Texas.

Texas Matters is hosted by David Martin Davies, who talks directly with policymakers and newsmakers in a lively discussion designed to shed light on issues often overlooked by other media.

David Martin Davies:

Davies is the host of "The Source" and a veteran journalist with over 20 years’ experience covering Texas, the border and Mexico. He is a regular contributor to NPR and American Public Media's "Marketplace." Davies also has written for "The San Antonio Light", "The San Antonio Express-News," "The Texas Observer" and others, and hosted KLRN public television’s interview program "Conversations."

Texas Matters is made possible by the UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures.


Thursday at the state capitol was the seventh annual Texas Muslim Capitol Day. But this year was different because for the first time anti-Muslim protestors organized on social media and were there to protest.

As the Muslim group sang the Star Spangled Banner on the steps of the Texas Capitol the protestors continued to yell objections like "Great song, now obey the laws of the land," "If you are going to sing it then put your hand over your heart like a real American," and "Assimilate or leave." 

 Mary Helen Specht’s novel Migratory Animals is a distinctly Texas story about a circle of friends in their thirties, living in Austin and grappling with myriad conflicts. The novel is also set in Nigeria, a place where Flannery, the central character, learns about love and carries that understanding back to her home state of Texas, where she tries to resume her old life. Yvette Benavides spoke to Mary Helen Specht about researching the novel and her writing process.

LBJ Presidential Library / public domain

The new Texas Solicitor General, Scott A. Keller, has been on the job about three weeks and already has had to stand before the U.S. Supreme Court and defend Texas.

On Wednesday, the high court heard Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs vs. The Inclusive Communities Project.

At issue is a concept called “disparate impact” and if Texas is violating disparate impact rules and discriminating against low-income, predominately African American families, in how it administers housing grants.

David Martin Davies

July 29, 1910 in Slocum, Texas started off like any other Friday in this rural East Texas community – but before the day was over one of the worst racial atrocities in Texas history would happen.

It wasn’t long after sunrise that the shooting started – and continued throughout the day.

White House

On Thursday President Obama announced a new proposal for free community college for those "who are willing to work for it."

It’s unknown how much the plan would cost — but white house officials said the price tag would be quote - “significant.” If all 50 states participate, the proposal could benefit 9 million students each year and save students an average of $3,800 in tuition, the White House said.