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The Idea Behind the Show Is Right Here: 

San Antonio is a city of stories.

Texas Public Radio launched Worth Repeating to find and share these stories. In 2018, San Antonio will celebrate its 300th anniversary and unlike its contemporaries Chicago, New Orleans, Boston, and New York, this city's stories are largely unknown. TPR wants to help change that by getting its residents to tell their stories and recognize how important they are even if they don't read like a movie script.

During our season once a month, 7 storytellers will have 7 minutes to tell a true story from their life around a common theme.

Think This American Life or The Moth, but sourced from your friends and neighbors. Public Radio tries daily to educate San Antonio about the world, now we want San Antonio to tell us about itself and its people. 

To submit your story, or to rat out a friend you think would be great click here and send us an email.

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  • 09.05.17 | After All This Time: Stories of looking back, monumental endeavors, and lost loves
  • 10.10.17 | Because How I Am Stories of where we came from, identity and more. [This is a special show that will take place at The San Antonio Museum of Art as part of their Exhibit "The Latino List"
  • 11.7.17 | Secrets & Rumors: Stories of...You Guessed it, Both Secrets and Rumors
  • 12.12.17 | Obsessions
  • 02.06.18 | Cheaters: stories of grifters, cons, rubes and enforcers.
  • 03.06.18 | As Luck Would Have It: stories of bad and good luck and how to get it
  • 04.03.18 | Tricentennial: stories of the city, builders, dreamers and doers

Parish Photography

Hills Snyder is a San Antonio artist and writer.  In this tale, he takes us back in time...first 30 years, then 10 more. He goes back to Austin and then to Southeast Asia. A chance encounter with another artist leads to this fragmented and visceral narrative.

Parish Photography

Jonathan Berman is a medical researcher for UT Health San Antonio. He studies kidneys, how they work and their role in hypertension. He likes his work and is generally happy to focus on it, but in late 2016 something was bothering him. He saw that science was being derided, ignored and taking a backseat to politics. That pissed him off. 

Hear how the March for Science got its start on a couch at a cult compound outside San Antonio.

Joy Had A Bad Day

Mar 8, 2018
Parish Photography

Joy Hudspeth commutes to Castroville each day to teach music at an elementary school. She has made the Highway 90 drive for many years.

One morning, after creating a to-do list a mile long, she jumped in her car to head to work.

Fate decided that Joy's to-do list would take a back seat to some life-threatening action. Her story is about luck, blessings, and how it could always have gone worse.

Michael Cirlos III

Courtney Mumma was living in Canada and dating a semi-famous musician. They lived together, but he was always on tour.  After several red flags she started to suspect he was less than faithful. Because they lived together, she had access to his mail. She decides to take a peek one day. Hilarity ensued.

Eric Chickens Out

Feb 9, 2018
Michael Cirlos III

"Cheaters never prosper" goes the phrase, and Eric Morse wanted to ensure that was the case. Eric takes us to the basketball court, and how a new breed of player was rankling him and his fellow teammates. He was out to prove that old-school fundamentals trumped tricks... but how far was he willing to go to prove his point?