Worth Repeating

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San Antonio is a city of stories.

Texas Public Radio launched Worth Repeating to find and share these stories.  San Antonio will celebrate its 300th anniversary in a few short years and unlike its contemporaries Chicago, New Orleans, Boston, and New York, this city's stories are largely unknown. TPR wants to help change that by getting its residents to tell their stories and recognize how important they are even if they don't read like a movie script.

During our season once a month, 7 storytellers will have 7 minutes to tell a true story from their life around a common theme.

Think This American Life or The Moth, but sourced from your friends and neighbors. Public Radio tries daily to educate San Antonio about the world, now we want San Antonio to tell us about itself and its people.

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To capture the experiences of the city and its residents, we have enlisted the help of an inaugural group of community members to assist us. You can find out more about this Storyboard here

Leveraging the volunteer Story Board's knowledge of San Antonio, we can encompass a vast swath of the community. But we will need more than that, we will need your help as well. 

To submit your story, or to rat out a friend you think would be great click here and send us an email.

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 Season 2:

Elena Souris

Sherry meets a man in the most unusual of ways. The chance encounter is something out of a movie script, only there's no fairly tale ending.

Elena Souris

Lynn was married at 18 and divorced at 48, and the dating scene was very, very different. She recounts in this funny story anecdotes from the online dating scene while educating us on the many red flags she has discovered along the way.

Elena Souris

Violent crash = Love.  In the words of Mike Suarez, we don't get to pick when we fall in love. 

This track was recorded at the February 7, 2016 Worth Repeating with the theme "Love Hurts...Or Does It?" Worth Repeating is Texas Public Radio's live storytelling event series.

Elena Souris

Alfie was featured in two obituaries as the girlfriend of the deceased within a few years of one another. She tells this heartbreaking story of love, loss, and growing out of your tragedies.