Fire Chief Charles Hood

Safety Museum
12:30 pm
Fri August 17, 2012

San Antonio Fire Museum Society Gets Key to Future Site of Museum

Bob Heckman, project manager for the San Antonio Museum Society museum, sits atop a 1927 American LaFrance pumper truck. Heckman is anxious to open the museum, which will feature an education center for children
Ryan Loyd Texas Public Radio

Bob Heckman is with the Fire Museum Society and is the project manager for the renovation of the museum. He says the LaFrance pumper doesn’t have all of her original parts.

The headlights are from an old Ford Model A and the horn is a slightly modern adaptation as well, but it's history, and story of the San Antonio Fire Department is undeniable.

“We’re really anxious," said Heckman, who is now retired from firefighting. "We want to explain our history.”

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