Francesca da Rimini

Metropolitan Opera
12:03 pm
Thu March 14, 2013

Riccardo Zandonai’s 'Francesca da Rimini,' Live

Finally together... in hell.
Gustave Doré Wikimedia Commons

Few single cantos of poetry have ever given as much to the world as Dante’s Canto V from the Inferno and the brief telling at the close of the love, death and afterlife of Francesca da Rimini.

Beginning with Dante in 1308 among the painters, musicians, painters , playwrights inspired by the tale can be included: Mercadante, Leigh Hunt, Ingres, Rodin, Rossini, Rachmaninoff, Doré (whose illustrations are reprinted to this day), Foote and of course Tchaikovsky, whose tone poem has done much to popularize the theme . 

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