Boston Athletic Association

San Antonio runner Richard Teitz, who is a longtime TPR member, was among the participants in Monday's Boston Marathon. He’s been running for more than forty years and this would have been his 14th Boston marathon.

Teitz is returning home Tuesday and said he’s going to allow himself extra time at the airport as security has been heightened. Teitz said he was about one-third of a mile from the finish line before the explosions, but couldn’t see it just yet and didn’t hear anything.


The problem of homelessness is massive and complex and it seems impossible to find a solution that’s going to solve the problem for one and all.

San Antonio is working on dealing with the issue with Haven for Hope by providing shelter, counseling and help with finding work, but for some of the homeless, they are finding the road back from living on the street by lacing up a pair of shoes and running.

David Martin Davies / TPR

The organizers of the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon had thought they fixed their hot weather issues when they moved the race date from November to December.

Now they are racing to return date back to November after a contract dispute with the Dallas Marathon which would have been run on the same date. This is the second time the footrace organizers have moved the date of the popular running event.

The Rock and Roll Marathon has been running the streets of San Antonio for the last five years and has been transformational for the city’s get-fit efforts.

Marathon Maniac Larry Facebook Page

The last year saw the rise of the Latino vote in the 2012 election and San Antonio local "Marathon Maniac" Larry Macon break the World Record for marathons in a year -- he finished with 157. So what will happen in 2013?