2017 Bond Election

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Early voting is underway, and San Antonio citizens are deciding whether to support six different bond propositions that would fund infrastructure projects throughout the city. 

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With a shade canopy and cushioned rubber mats, from top to bottom, the playground at Lion’s Field Park is a great place for parents with young children to enjoy and make memories. On this spring afternoon mayoral candidate Manuel Medina is spending some quality time with his wife and two girls, 3-year-old Sara Sophia and 7-year-old Michelle Mari.

Medina said this location brings back memories because the Ranch Motel, nearby on Broadway, is where his journey in San Antonio started.

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

On May 6th, San Antonio voters will decide on the largest bond package ever proposed by the city. 

If each of the six parts pass, the city could borrow $850 million dollars to put towards streets, flood control, public safety improvements are various other projects.  The long term, low interest loan will not require an increase in the tax rate.

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

One of the six ballot propositions for San Antonio’s 850 million dollar bond includes 34 million dollars allocated to public safety. If the proposition passes, part of the money will be going to the Battered Women’s Shelter to create a new gymnasium and activity center for the women and children who use its services.