2018 Midterm Elections

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There are 18 Republican candidates running in an open Congressional District 21 primary. Sixteen of those 18 candidates met on Thursday night and tried to stand out from the crowd at a forum at the Texas Disposal Systems Exotic Game Ranch, south of Austin.

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One of the fiercest competitions in the upcoming March primary in Texas is for an office a lot of people never really think about: Texas Land Commissioner.

George P. Bush is the incumbent — one of those Bushes trying to fend off three Republican challengers, including Jerry Patterson, who used to be the land commissioner. Patterson took a lot of people by surprise when he launched his campaign to take back the office he left three years ago.

Most American women dislike the job that President Trump is doing. Many demonstrated it by marching in the streets by the tens of thousands on the first anniversary of his inauguration, and they continue to register it in public opinion polls, giving the president a starkly lower approval rating than men do.

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Texas voters will soon decide who appears on November's general election ballot.

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The 2018 midterm elections feature an open field of candidates in cases where a longstanding officeholder is retiring. It’s also an election in which former officeholders are running to get their old jobs back, with one race already heating up with barbs thrown between the candidates on social media.

So with the midterm elections less than a year away, here are some battles in the March 6 primaries worth noting for South Texas voters.