Affordable Housing

This may be the most anxious time of year for affordable-housing developers in Texas. In a few weeks, they'll find out whether their applications for low-income housing tax credits have been approved, and the decision could spell life or death for their proposed projects.

Louisa Jonas / Texas Public Radio

This week our Growing Pains project is looking at how population growth, the economy  and development are affecting housing in and around San Antonio.  For this report TPR's Louisa Jonas headed to Fredericksburg.

A booming tourism industry, strong housing market and a low unemployment rate. What town wouldn’t want that? Fredericksburg has all three and is doing great in many regards. Except increasingly, the local workforce can’t afford to live here. Businesses are finding it hard to fill jobs. 

Shelley Kofler / Texas Public Radio

San Antonio is one of the most economically segregated cities in the country.  That’s what a 2015 study by urban scholar Richard Florida found when he looked at which U. S. cities have the highest concentration of wealthy and low-income residents living in separate neighborhoods.

As San Antonio leaders look for solutions to economic segregation, a housing development 80 miles to the north encourages people with widely different incomes to live side-by-side.

For this week’s Growing Pains project on housing we traveled to Austin to see how the Mueller community hopes to bridge the economic divide.


Area planners estimate one million more people will move to Bexar County in the next 25 years. As part of our project, “Growing Pains,” Texas Public Radio is taking a deeper look at the opportunities and hurdles that come with that growth.  This week we’re looking at housing. Check out the data below showing how home prices have risen.