Eating a ripe, juicy peach -- from a fruit stand along a country road or from a farmer's market or inside a grocery store -- is a summertime ritual for many Texans. 

While we can get peaches and most produce all year round, the best chance to eat homegrown fruits and vegetables at their peak is knowing their typical season. 

Randy Boman / Texas A&M University

Texas produces about one quarter of the country’s cotton. So – what impact could climate change have on the multibillion dollar crop? A recent study from  Texas A&M University offers a forecast. 

Scientists expect the future to be warmer and dryer.

International Livestock Research Institute

The history of the pig is indelibly intertwined with humanity's. The animal has been reviled by some cultures but embraced by others, why?

While smarter than dogs, the more enlightened animal may be the key to a sustainable protein source as populations swell. The problem in the U.S. is the national norm for raising swine has caused ecological harm to communities and harm to the animals themselves.


Ryan E. Poppe


The state’s agriculture commissioner, Sid Miller, is celebrating his first six months in office by listing off a number of aggressive and somewhat controversial initiatives his office will be undertaking.  



In the annual State of Agriculture address on Wednesday, Miller said, “There’s three things we don’t tolerate at the TDA, we don’t tolerate horse thieves, cattle rustlers and cheats. We’ll come get you.”