Shipher Wu (photograph), Gee-way Lin (aphid provision), National Taiwan University / CC

HARLINGEN, Texas — Researchers suspect steady rains and other factors may be responsible for a drop in a tiny bug’s infestation of a grain crop so far this year.

Farmers in the Rio Grande Valley had feared the sugarcane aphid would again invade their sorghum crop following experts’ predictions they would come back in full force after an increase in population across the region last year, the Valley Morning Star reported.

The pests had swarmed the Valley’s sorghum fields, gnawing away at the plants in 2014.

The bugs also infested crops from Mississippi to southern Oklahoma while devastating Mexico’s sorghum crop, according to researchers.

An avian flu outbreak is sweeping across the Midwest at a frightening pace, ravaging chicken and turkey farms and leaving officials stumped about the virus's seemingly unstoppable spread.

The Source: SicloVerde Highlights Community Gardens

May 7, 2015
Green Spaces Alliance


Saturday's SicloVerde event will bring San Antonio out to meet its own backyard. With walking and biking tours, participants will get the opportunity to explore the outdoors, their city, and the potential of community gardening.

Hi-Tech Now An Essential Tool On Southwest Farms

Mar 30, 2015

Much of the country’s fresh fruits and vegetables are grown in the Southwest and harvested by farm workers.

But these days, a successful harvest relies on a combination of three different factors: farming, technology and venture capitalism.

From the Here & Now Contributors Network, Kate Sheehy from the Fronteras Desk at KJZZ reports.

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OCI Solar Power thought of an idea that leaders there say is sheer genius. They've put sheep to work on the grounds of a solar farm on the far northeast side to keep the grass cut.

As solar panels soak up plenty of hot Texas sunshine, there's plenty landscaping work to do at the Alamo 2 Solar Farm off Binz-Engleman near North Foster Road. But instead of people, OCI Solar Power is employing lambscapers.