Animal Care Services

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It’s the pre-dawn hours at Port San Antonio Kelly Field and the scramble is on.

The challenge is to fit 49 dogs in their kennels into a single engine plane, a Cessna Caravan. 

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San Antonio's stray dog problem is growing more complicated, with an increase of owned dogs found roving away from home.

Courtesy Animal Care Services

The City of San Antonio's Animal Care Services has been gathering public input about upcoming changes to the department's strategic plan since February.

The numerous community meetings hosted by ACS and more than 1,000 surveys English- and Spanish-language surveys submitted by San Antonio residents gave the city a plentiful amount of input to review.

Courtesy Animal Care Services

Before making revisions to Animal Care Services' strategic plan, the City is gathering public input on how to handle San Antonio's stray pet and animal population.

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San Antonio’s Animal Care Services is considering developing a new strategic plan and is asking for community input to develop it.

ACS has exceeded all expectations since implementing its last strategic plan in 2012.


City Councilman Roberto Trevino has proposed tightening the laws regarding how animals are restrained outside.