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Some animals are more than just pets. They provide guidance and comfort for their owners, typically as a companion at home and in public places. 

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Deep inside caves - at the bottoms of oceans - beneath the ground - even in subterranean lakes - are habitats.

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The struggling San Antonio Pets Alive! will avoid closure thanks to the San Antonio City Council and its one time grant of $375,000 to the nonprofit.

The money comes from the city’s budget which has just undergone a mid-year adjustment. SAPA will be required to have some contingencies in place in the coming months.

The Paul Jolly Adoption Center is the face of San Antonio Pets Alive!.

Without the city’s grant, Tommy McNish Chief Operating Officer says the agency would have lasted just a few more weeks.

From Texas Standard:

Mike Ryan is a volunteer at Austin Pets Alive! He’s trying to get a good picture of Summer, a brown lab mix. Two more volunteers are giving Summer treats in an effort to get her to face the camera.

"I treat it like we have only one picture to get through to the person who is going to be looking at the dog," Ryan says. "So, for the picture, two things are eye contact so the dog is looking directly into the camera, and the other thing is the dog looks like it is smiling."

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