Austin has a new synagogue – well, it’s new to Austin. It’s actually the oldest synagogue built in Texas. Orthodox Jews who emigrated from Lithuania to Brenham, Texas, gathered in this synagogue built in 1893.

Over the decades that followed, the Jewish community in that area dwindled. But several years ago, a descendant of the original founders, Leon Toubin, started the process of relocating the temple to Austin. Veronica Zaragovia from Here & Now contributor KUT reports.

The 22nd Annual Austin Film Festival is getting underway. This year’s lineup includes more than 180 films – 20 of which are world or North American premieres.

The film festival and conference is unique because it was founded to recognize some of the less talked about people behind films – screenwriters. And that’s still true after 22 years. But the festival has also evolved a lot in recent years.

via The Texas Tribune

From Texas Standard:

Television is supposed to draw people closer to the action and make them feel like they're there.

But it doesn't quite feel that way watching footage of the Baltimore riots. It's out there — distant — as we observe and decide for ourselves what went wrong from the comfort of our homes.

AUSTIN — In an effort to ease traffic jams in Austin, police have started cracking down on drivers who block intersections.

The Austin American-Statesman reports that the crackdown started Monday. The effort includes increasing police presence at a handful of downtown intersections during peak travel hours in the morning and evening.